Violin and Bow Repair and Restoration

Perfect repair and restoration of violins can not only render far more beautiful timbre, volume, and tonality of the stringed instruments but also permanently preserve the elegant outward appearance and healthy state of the same.


Repair and restoration of broken bows and frog cracks; adjustment of elasticity, cambering, and twist.

Emile Ouchard

Alfred Lamy

Bow weight modification (excessive heavy, light, coarse, and thin).

Balancing and Bushing Nipple of famous antique bow (mending, replacement, and reinforcement of broken end screw hole or oversized hole).

Dominique Peccatte

Bushing Nipple (replacing or reinforcing broken end screw hole).

Dominique Peccatte


From repair and restoration of violins in general to the same work of the well-known antique pieces of the highest caliber. And further application of self-made varnish manufactured according to the formula of Mr. Horacio Pineiro has been processed by means of French Polish and Retouch for antique perfect retouch varnish.

Repair and Maintenance


Retouch Varnish

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