A student and follower of great contemporary masters worldwide:

Master Lloyd Liu

Hailed from Hunan, China, Master Lloyd Liu had subsequently learnt the skill of violin and bow making in Argentina and the United States of America in 1946. By 1970, he was already a well-known master maker of violins and bows internationally. He came from the top WURLITZER Violin Shop as one of the best disciples of Master Simone Fernando Sacconi, and won himself the most honorable place in the special career field of violin and bow manufacture. The bows made by Master Liu rivaling the famous antique ones, openly recommended treasures that frequent the Sotheby’s auctions, have been collected zestfully further by collectors and musicians.HEIFETZ Jascha, the renowned violinist, owned invariably the violin bows made by Master Liu, while MA Yo-Yo,the cellist, and LIN Chao-Liang, the violinist, both of Chinese origin, holod the same pieces,too.

Master Horacio Pineiro

First in the seat of honor among violin maker-repairers in New York, Master Horacio Pineiro is moreover the appointed repair and maintenance artist of the well-known violins collected by Capitol Hill Library of the United States of America. Many famous violins purchased by Chi Mei Foundation, Taiwan, had been repaired and restored by Master Pineiro before they became the treasures of Chi Mei Foundation. This is how it is made known to us that Master Pineiro’s skill in violin making and repair has been internationally recognized and praised with profundity.

Master Yung Chin

Master Yung Chin is an unrivalled expert in bow making and repair in New York.

Mr. Warren Wang

Graduated from the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering of National Cheng Kong University, Taiwan, Mr. Warren Wang had gone, between 1985 and 1990, to Los Angeles, USA, and learnt closely the skill from Master Llyod Liu, the internationally acknowledged bow and violin maker. He then, from 1990 to 2005, became a follower of Master Horacio Pineiro, the first of the violin making and repair experts in New York. In the mean time, he managed to receive teachings from Master Yung Chin in bow making and repair. Mr. Wang has been the full-time violin repairer of National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra as of 1989.

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