Mr. Horacio Pineiro was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1939. He studied woodcarving in the “Escuela de Artes y Oficios”(Arts and Crafts School) in his native city. At age fourteen he started his formal training as a Maker of Stringed Instruments with Franco Ponzo, at the time, the most famous violin maker and violin teacher in Argentina.Hired by Henry Viret,a well know French violin maker and dealer, Mr. Pineiro was responsible for the restoration of fine instruments. He went later to Nice, France, where , in the shop of Pierre Gaggini, a famous violin maker, he perfected his knowledge of violin making, violin identification and restoration. Back in Buenos Aires, he opened his own shop, where he made his own instruments, restoration work and authentication of stringed instruments.

In 1977, at the request of Jacques Francais, the world-renowned dealer and expert in stringed instruments, Mr. Pineiro came to New York. In Mr. Francais shop Mr. Pineiro restored instruments by the greatest makers: Stradivarius, Guadagnini, Guarnerius, Amati, Bergonzi, etc. After 14 years with Mr. Francais, he established his own shop in Jackson Heights, New York where he currently lives and practices his trade.

For Several seasons, Mr. Pineiro taught in Oberlin College. He was invited to teach violin making and restoration techniques; His pupils – some of whom became well known – came from all over the world.

At the request of the publisher of “Known Violin Makers” by John Fairfield, He and Israel Chorberg ( a member of Appraisers Association of America ) collaborated in the updating the evaluation of ancient and contemporary violin makers in said book, previously made by Jacques Francais.

In 2005 he was invited to teach in “The 2nd Niccolo Paganini Violin Convention” Parma, Italy. During the convention Mr. Pineiro taught Set-up & Sound Adjustments Techniques. During the same year he was also invited to participate as a judge in “Tercera Bienal Internacional de Lauderia”(Third Biennial International of Violin Makers) in Queretaro, Mexico.

The preceding is the introduction to Mr. Horacio Pineiro, the internationally renowned violin maker-restorer-and-appraiser.

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Illustrated hereunder is the appraiser's certificate issued by Mr. Horacio Pineiro:

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