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For a far more profound understanding of the extremely complicated technicality and top art in repairing and restoring of violins and bows to more and more domestic and foreign violin performers, famous violin collectors, and students of the stringed instrument, a violin repairer-restorer shall not only know thoroughly the violins and bows under the instructions of great masters but also possess the necessary plentiful personal involvements and experiences of violin repair and restoration throughout the years so that he can provide any such ultimate perfect repair services and care.Improper violin repair often results in poor tonality, volume, and tone to the renowned violins, even severe damage done to their outward appearance and it will be much more than a sheer regret to us.

Perfect repair and restoration of violins. can not only render far more beautiful timbre, volume, and tonality of the stringed instruments but also preserve permanently the elegant outward appearance and healthy state of the same.For example, only partial retouch is called for to mend the stripped-off outward varnish in treatment instead of an absolutely forbidden full scale repaint to ruin the antique value and timbre of an eminent violin.Moreover, in case of excessive table thickness or thinness, or uneven distribution of thickness, or even the tension fatigue of the bass bar with its excessive coarseness, slimness, length, or shortage, improvement and upgrading will be all made possible through our repair and restoration.And such professionalism calls for further in-depth knowledge of wood and mechanical dynamics as well as the equivalency to achieve the most perfect presentation in repair and restoration.

Therefore, for cherished love of renowned violins and bows, it shall be a general cognition and mission of the performers, collectors and repairers to pass them only to the best, the ultimate professional and most experienced repairers for repair and maintenance, and under no circumstance any famous piece shall be impaired by some improper repair and restoration because they are the common cultural assets of human civilization.

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