Repair and Restoration Seminar

1. Restore of Broken Nut of Stick
 (Screw Hole Completely Cracked)

Fig 1.Violin Bow by J. Tubbs

Process of Restoration:

Bond the broken pieces together with precision and take the measures for easier copying. Saw off the broken part afterwards (tip portion is the decapitated one by J. TUBBS).

Fig 2.Broken Nut of Stick with its original tip before repair.

2. Replace the Part with a Newly Made One out of the Old Pernambuco

Fig 3.Top view.

Fig 4.Side view.

3. Perfect Lapping

Fig 5.Top view.

Fig 6.Side view.

4. Perfect Rehair

Fig 7.Violin bow by J. Tubbs.

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