Repair and Restoration Seminar

Peg Holes Bushing:

1. As shown in Fig 1, the pressed strings (A-string holds down D-straing peg and E-string peg, and D-string holds down E-string peg) by the pre-repair peg holes owing to poor arrangement will interfere the resonance and secondary vibration (i.e. overtone such as octave, 13th or 16th) of each string, resulting in noise and performance difficulty of overtone and affecting the farther degree of spread of overtone support as well.
Fig 1. Pressed down strings in consequence of poor peg holes arrangement. Fig 2. Perfect strings are independent from one another without further interference after restoration.

2. Cheek Crack: Oversized violin A-string peg hole (D-string peg hole on a viola; D-string peg hole on a cello) or its excessive close to the edge of peg box cheek might create cheek crack (as shown in Fig 3. by arrowhead) due to pressing down of peg forcibly during string adjustment. Hole bushing shall be made (as shown in Fig 4) before a small new hole is drilled apart from the cheek crack.

Fig 3.

Fig 4.

3. A worn out old violin peg hole that becomes too large, or an inaccurate slope of hole diameter, or a new violin that is with poor slope precision in hole boring failing to set the peg tightly that frequents loosening or string slip to make it hard for tuning or run the risks of a sudden slip-off during a performance, examination, or contest.

Method of Restoration:

By means of bushing, precision drilling of new holes is done so that they can be set tightly, slidden smoothly and tuned up easily.

Process of Restoration:

Fig1.Oversized peg holes with inaccurate slope before bushing.

Fig2.Perfect hole bushing and restored with retouch varnish.

Fig3.Drilling, grinding, and precision peg slope are renewed.
Comparison between the large old peg (dark brown rose wood)
with inaccurate slope and post-restoration perfect new peg
(tan box wood) with accurate slope.

Fig4.Post-perfection front view.

Fig5.Post-perfection side view.

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